Amazing Swiss Live acts will perform at Rock Oz’Arènes.

In 2022 Rock Oz’Arènes festival and SWISS LIVE TALENTS join forces to highlight the Swiss ‘live’ scene.

Discoveries and favorites, out of 850 registered artists in the 2019 edition of SWISS LIVE TALENTS, the festival welcomed no less than 15 Swiss acts.


In 2021: Joya Marleen (SG), Mama Jefferson (ZH), Black Sea Dahu (ZH), Phanee De Pool (BE), Alf Pastix (FR), Seriously Serious (NE)

In 2022: Pat Burgener (VS), Marius Bear (AI), Felix Rabin (NE), Lucky Wühtrich (BE), Gut’s (VD), Jessiquoi (BE), La Gale (VD), Laura Scaglia (VD)